Paul Lyons, MD
Chair, Family Medicine, UCR School of Medicine
Senior Associate Dean of Education, UCR School of Medicine
Professor, UCR School of Medicine

Paul-MD-p-2014.jpgDr. Paul Lyons is Chair, Family Medicine and the Senior Associate Dean for Education with UC Riverside School of Medicine (UCR School of Medicine). As Chair, Family Medicine, he is responsible for overseeing all UCR Health family medicine clinical functions including new opportunities and development. He also works with existing community resources to collaborate and improve medical services throughout the county. For the medical school, Dr. Lyons oversees all issues related to the educational development of the school. Dr. Lyons is a professor of family medicine.  

Dr. Lyons was the very first physician recruited to the medical school and is the founder of UCR Health; he also opened the first UCR Health practice in the community. Having previously worked at Temple University which is located in the inner city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dr. Lyons has extensive experience working with communities in need. His goal is “to improve the health of our region through the development of unique programs that increase access to care, and bring cutting-edge medical care to every member of the community.”

Dr. Lyons received his medical degree from Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. He completed a Family Medicine and Community Health residency at the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and then a fellowship with the Institute for Urban Family Health, New York, New York. He is board certified in Family Medicine and a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Believing in the mission of UCR Health, Dr. Lyons is committed to improving the health of the community he serves and further building on that mission by recruiting the best physicians to join UCR Health — as well as train a new generation of physicians that will follow this mission. He feels one of the most significant successes so far has been the organization’s ability to “recruit extraordinary individuals to accomplish this endeavor.” Dr. Lyons says, “Every day is a combination of gratitude for the success and invigoration over how much more we have to do.”