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June 2021 Physician Highlight – Dr. Mallory Stuparich, MD

Mallory Stuparich, MD specializes in gynecology and minimally invasive surgery. She completed a 2-year advanced laparoscopic surgical fellowship affiliated with the Fellowship in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery (FMIGS), which allows her... Sigue Leyendo

May 2021 Physician Highlight – Dr. Darren Freeman, DO

Darren Freeman, DO, is a board-certified Pain Intervenalist at UCR Health Inland Empire Neurosurgery Center. Dr. Freeman specializes in pain medicine, pain management, and physical medicine, and rehabilitation. He is a graduate of Western University,... Sigue Leyendo

UCR Health welcomes Padmini Varadarajan, MD

Padmini Varadarajan, MD, FACC is a Cardiology Specialist at the UCR Health Multispecialty Center. She is a Professor of Medicine and an Academic Cardiologist, board-certified in Internal Medicine, cardiovascular diseases,... Sigue Leyendo

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