Pain Management Services

Pain can be a source of both physical and psychological stress for any sufferer. At UCR Health, we know the importance of a precise diagnosis to ensure that pain treatment and management provides relief from suffering.

Our doctors are fellowship-trained and board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation and interventional pain medicine. UCR pain management physicians are trained to provide high-quality treatment whether you suffer from post-surgical pain, pain caused by chronic degenerative disease or other pain, such as that caused by an injury or accident. They provide care throughout Riverside County with easy access from Riverside, Corona, Moreno Valley and other inland Southern California communities.

Our doctors are combining their experience in pain management with a multidisciplinary approach in healthcare to treat those within the community who are living with chronic pain. This approach gives patients greater access to a team of physicians who not only can provide a more thorough investigation of medical conditions but as a team they will work together to create the best plan to treat each patient on an individual basis.

Learn more about our UCR Health pain management services specialties:
Interventional Pain Medicine Services
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Services

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