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Important Update for Patients with Anthem Blue Cross Health Insurance Plans

Updated as of Monday, February 5th

Anthem Blue Cross and UC Health have reached a preliminary agreement on a contract that will preserve access to patients with Anthem health insurance to UC care, as Anthem and UC Health finalize the details in the coming weeks. We are grateful that there should not be disruption for patients, and they will be able to continue receiving care from the physicians, hospitals, and clinics of their choice.


Will Anthem Blue Cross HMO patients still be assigned to new, non-UC primary care physicians, as they had been notified by Anthem Blue Cross?

Anthem Blue Cross HMO patients will be able to continue their care through the UC primary care provider that they have chosen. Since the new agreement will be in place, Anthem will not complete the transfer of UC HMO patients to new providers.

How long will the new agreement be for?

The new agreement will be for a four-year term.

Does this change anything for UC employees, students or retirees who have UC-sponsored health insurance?

The new agreement and the recently concluded negotiations are unrelated the continuing in-network availability of UC Health facilities and providers for UC employees, UC students with UC SHIP coverage, UC medical residents and clinical fellows in the Anthem UC Medical Residents and Fellows PPO plan or UC retirees. Their health plans are governed by separate UC-Anthem Blue Cross agreements. The new agreement with Anthem Blue Cross does enable continued UC care access for members of the Anthem HMO sponsored by UC for our medical residents and clinical fellows.