Fireside Chat with UCR Health CEO

UCR Health hosted its first Fireside Chat – Leadership Series session, November 18th at 7 pm. Dr. Larsen and Syreze San Andres discussed commonly asked questions during open enrollment and... Continue Reading

Are You Ready for Open Enrollment?

Open Enrollment season is here! Utilize this time to tailor your healthcare coverage to a plan that is just right for you.  Understanding the benefits of open enrollment and the... Continue Reading

Stress Management During Midterm Season

The transition from the seemingly endless, carefree months of summer into the stressful rigor of the academic year can be challenging for many students. With fall quarter being completely remote... Continue Reading

UCR Health Offers Telehealth

Connect with your physicians via Telehealth! Telehealth offers a safe and easy way for patients to schedule appointments and communicate with their physicians online when no physical exam is needed. ... Continue Reading

UCR Health appoints new CMO

UCR Health has named Dr. Andres Gonzalez as its new chief medical officer. Dr. Gonzalez comes to UC Riverside from the USC Keck School of Medicine in Los Angeles, where he... Continue Reading

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