• National Nurses Month

Happy National Nurse Month! This year’s theme is “Nurses Make A Difference” in honor of their impacts in multiple aspects of our lives. 

Nurses are trusted with the quality of our health and to be advocates for not just us, but our families and communities. At UCR Health, we would like to extend our utmost gratitude to all nurses for their continued hard work and dedication! 

A note from the CEO of UCR Health

Dear UCR Health Community,

To nurses across the nation and those here with us at UCR Health, we extend our utmost gratitude to you. As we celebrate National Nurses’ Day today, we thank the masses of people who dedicate their lives to healing others. Our nurses have been the backbone of our care teams, constantly showing their strength and resilience as we fought through global pandemic. There has never been a more appropriate time to thank the brave people that have joined the front line of defense in public health we are fortunate enough to have as nurses.

To our nurses, who continue to help us Bring Health Home, we thank you deeply.


Donald Larsen, MD, MBA, MHA, FACHE

CEO of UCR Health