• National Birth Defects Prevention Month

January is National Birth Defects Prevention Month. According to the CDC Birth defects are structural changes present at birth that can affect almost any part of the body. Every 4 ½ minutes, a baby is born with a birth defect in the United States.

Birth defects happen for various reasons and not all can be prevented. However, people can increase their chances of having a healthy baby by adopting healthy habits before becoming pregnant. Birth defects can be found before the birth of the child, at birth, or anytime after (usually up to a year). 

Be sure to see your healthcare provider regularly and start prenatal care as soon as you think you might be pregnant. To schedule an in-person or telehealth appointment with a UCR Health physician, give us a call at 1844-827-8000 or click here. You can also visit www.cdc.gov/birthdefects to learn more about the steps you can take to prevent birth defects.