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  • National Healthy Aging Awareness Month

Dr. Asma Jafri, MD

Aging is a part of life that also brings along many health problems, especially in your mid-thirties and forties. Diseases like Age-related macular degeneration that can make you lose your vision completely in addition to heart diseases that eventually lead to heart attacks or strokes are great concerns for older individuals. As you grow older your joints and bones begin to hurt and affect your daily activities. Other common diseases as you age are arthritis, diabetes, and dementia. As a result, many individuals have a fear of growing old but aging doesn't always have to be a scary thing. September being the National Healthy Aging Awareness Month is as vital as ever to be spreading awareness to everyone to change into better and healthier lifestyle habits like eating healthy, sleeping early, and exercising daily as you age.

Did you know exercise can help you live a longer and more enjoyable life? There is no fountain of youth but there is exercise. By exercising on a daily you can help boost your metabolism, minimize the risks of heart disease, and strengthen your muscles and bones to help combat the pain and stiffness you may experience. Your organs like your heart are able to work and provide the necessary nutrients through pumping blood all throughout your body. Your joints and muscles receive the necessary nutrients and begin to become more flexible and strong with exercising daily. Exercising not only boosts your physical health but can also help with your mental health as well. Growing old has challenges and can negatively affect your mentality and self-confidence. You may not find the same joy in the same things as you used to like going on walks at the park because of your joint or back pain. By increasing your mobility and exercising, you can combat your physical health challenges and become more confident and positive in your mental health as you begin to notice the changes and how much stronger you are.

Remember that in order to get energy for you to exercise and be active your body needs to be fed a healthy meal. A healthy meal does not mean having to eat only organic ingredients or only eating vegetables. Eating healthy is having a balanced diet where you are giving your body the right size portions of protein, carbohydrates, etc. As your body ages your organs may have trouble working as they used to, so providing your body with the right foods and not for example junk foods and highly processed foods will help your organs to continue doing their jobs well.

Everyone has busy schedules and may often forget to take the time to take care of their physical and mental well-being. Small things as simple as remembering to make your appointments for your yearly checkups are often overlooked because there is nothing wrong and most people wouldn't make an appointment until they are physically ill. You should always be sure to keep up with your yearly checkups because it is always better to catch things earlier on. With all this advice on how to prioritize your health, the process of aging should not be something you fear! Enjoy life as you live it and take in every moment that passes.

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