• UCR Health Offers Telehealth

Connect with your physicians via Telehealth! Telehealth offers a safe and easy way for patients to schedule appointments and communicate with their physicians online when no physical exam is needed. 

With the presence of COVID-19, UCR Health understands the need for patients to be proactive about their health in the safest way possible. Telehealth allows patients to video chat directly with their providers through a smartphone or computer whilst in the comfort of their own home.  

Not only is telehealth the most convenient way for routine follow-ups with your physician but, UCR Health can also appropriately care for common health issues such as cold, flu, sore throat, diarrhea, pink eye, and insect bites during your video visit. 

To make a telehealth appointment at the time most suitable for you, simply contact us today at 1-844-827-8000 or CLICK HERE to make an online appointment.

New and current patients are welcome!

WRITTEN BY: Karina Wadhwa | Marketing Intern