UCR Health Clinical and Administrative Program (CAP) held its 2nd annual end-of-the-year banquet on June 1st at the UCR Alumni & Visitors Center. The program has been created to provide networking opportunities, clinical experiences, and administrative background for Pre-Health Undergraduates at UCR. Their mission is to educate the interns to embrace healthcare through a holistic lens and prepare aspiring healthcare professionals to be well-versed in both the clinical and administrative aspects of healthcare.

This academic year, the interns have dedicated over 4,000 hours to 4 clinical departments and 7 administrative departments at the UCR School of Medicine and UCR Health. Here's a brief summary of what they've accomplished:

  • Marketing Department (Roma Ghanekar, Dasha Tafrova, Neha Sharma, and Anthony Nguyen): worked with social medical content on the UCR Health page and website; updated dozens of physician profiles and wrote the monthly UCR Health newsletter articles
  • Multispeciality Clinic (Arnav Kacker and Erin Ku): digitized the entire inventory system of the clinic through an automated Excel sheet, to make sure that expiring vaccines were accounted for and reordered in a timely manner; optimized clinic flow by assisting with inventory and properly maintaining patient records
  • Quality Outcomes Department (Heathe Bago and Melika Rezanejad): measured patient care quality and analyzed physician feedback after overcoming a great learning curve in generating pivot tables, and CPT codes and becoming familiar with EPIC
  • Standardized Patients Department (Meghna Chunduru): created a comprehensive manual for standardized patients to reference information and photos of common diseases they would potentially be asked to emulate while educating medical students
  • Compliance Department (Hasan Ismail and Annu Valliyanal): made sure providers are compliant with Title IX training; created telemedicine files; performed thorough analysis on hypertension and anticoagulant data
  • Pathway Programs (Shraddha Bhonsle): developed materials and programs to engage undergraduates and community college students with UCR SOM
  • Women’s Health Department (Adolat Beshimova): optimized clinic flow while also taking on the time-consuming project of notifying patients of leaving providers with heartfelt letters

Interns were awarded for their accomplishments within their departments and graduating seniors were celebrated as well.

  • Honorable Mentions: Syreze-Sky San Andres, Mariam Bedrossian, Hasan Ismail, Shraddha Bhonsle
  • Intern of the Year: Arnav Kacker

Congratulations to all the UCR Health CAP interns for doing an amazing job this year!

See the highlights from the banquet below:

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