• ADHD Awareness Month

Dr. Dennis Alters, MD

Attention Deficit Disorder or more commonly known as ADHD is one of the most common neurological developmental disorders. ADHD can make daily duties for children and adults harder and can strain relationships whether at home, work, or school because they are showing signs of carelessness, poor organization, poor listening skills, etc. Dr. Yamaguchi and Dr. Alters, board-certified adult and child psychiatrists, both share some insightful knowledge on ADHD that may help those who are diagnosed and getting treatment or individuals who are not aware that they may have ADHD and are untreated.

Children who can't seem to focus and are overly hyperactive in school may not be because they are naughty but because they are showing some signs and symptoms of ADHD. Adults may also show signs of a

lack of attention to detail, forgetfulness, fidgetiness, talking excessively, and more but may be overlooked because it is considered to be a normal thing that happens in their daily life. Dr. Alters says that for adults there are also other signs to consider such as working multiple active jobs, impulsive job changes, and driving too fast. To be diagnosed with ADHD children need 6 or more symptoms present and adults only need 5.

After being diagnosed with ADHD what are some things that can be done to minimize the signs and symptoms? Dr.Yamaguchi states that although "therapy may be helpful, medications are much more effective." There are a variety of different medications you may be prescribed like Ritalin, Adderall, Dexedrine, etc. Many individuals may be concerned with taking stimulants because they think taking them would be addicting and lead to drug abuse. However, this is not true and individuals who go untreated can be more at risk in developing substance abuse disorders.

Are you or a loved one you know experiencing any signs of ADHD?

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