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  • UCR Health’s Vision for Whole-Person Care

By Dr. Naveen Raja, DO MBA, Chief Medical Officer, UCR Health

Naveen Raja, DO MBA, Chief Medical Officer

What determines health? This is a question we ask ourselves at UCR Health as our purpose is to help our patients and the residents of the Inland Empire achieve optimal health. It turns out that health is related in a major way to where people live, and their health-related social needs – whether they have quality food on the table, adequate transportation, a secure place to live, financial security, and social support. In fact, these social factors account for 40% of what determines health. Habits such as tobacco and alcohol use, a good diet, and sleep quality account for 30% of what determines health. Another 10% has to do with the physical environment and the health impacts of air pollution, water pollution, extreme weather, and safe living and community spaces. Only 20% of what determines health is related to healthcare – what clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare services do.

The social drivers of health are defined as the conditions in which people are born, live, learn, work, play, worship, and age. These conditions significantly impact a wide range of health, functioning, and quality-of-life outcomes. At UCR Health, we want to know more about these socioeconomic, behavioral, and physical environment drivers that impact the health of our patients. When we understand and support our patients through the factors that affect their health, and tailor our care to the unique challenges of each patient, we call that whole-person care. Here is an example: Some of our patients lack adequate transportation. We address this challenge by offering telehealth/video visit appointments whenever possible.  

The physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, clinicians, and staff of UCR Health strive every day to enhance the experience of care for our patients, improve their health, reduce the cost of healthcare, promote quality and health equity, and support the wellness of our colleagues - the healthcare team as well.

Whole-person care is essential for helping our patients achieve the best health possible. By addressing the social drivers of health, we can better serve our patients and communities, reduce health disparities, and improve overall health outcomes. UCR Health will continue to build the whole-person care model over time.  

For more information, please contact Dr. Naveen Raja at or follow him on X @naveenrajado.